Our mission is to build a leading food tech ecosystem in Hong Kong. 


Our ESG-investment thesis supports innovations that can create a positive impact on the environment for our next generation. Equally important, we are here to promote diversity amongst our cohort and future portfolio companies.


Background & Objective

To achieve this goal, we want to inspire and support young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams in the field of food science and technology. We aim at creating a continuous stream of commercially-viable products and help these entrepreneurs bring their solutions to market.


Our core strength is start-up mentoring with a particular strong focus in two areas:        1) fund raising; and  2) commercialization. With a strong network of investors and successful entrepreneurs, we can provide the most hand—on advice and guidance to founders looking to raise more capital to fund the future growth of their companies. In addition, DayDayCook has a unique and well-established sales and partnership network in mainland across China, we can offer the most practical solutions and resources to companies within this accelerator program. 


Throughout the program, we will work with our program mentees to validate the products or services including the proposition, business model, go-to-market strategy, as well as how to set and achieve  financial target. 

Area of Interests

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Alternative Proteins

Food as Medicine

Food Distribution

Overall Product Innovation

  • Plant-based Food

  • Lab Grown Meat 

  • Mycoprotein

  • Functional Ingredients 

  • Precision Nutrition

  • Meal Replacements

• Automated Commerce

• Food Delivery Platform

• Grocery Delivery Platform

  • Any Other Innovative Ideas Related to Food

Our Criteria

  • Food Technology related

  • “Market-ready” products or services

  • Collaborative mind-set

Offering to Start-ups


$0 Programme Fee

Low financial entry barrier for the start-ups who are passionate about their business and ideas, to join this intensive 4-weeks program. More details

$0 Programe Fee

1-on-1 Mentorship

Deep dive on the start-ups business model and provide customized individual coaching. More information about our Founder,

please click here

Pitching Refinement

Assist the founder to fine tune and practice fund raising pitches


Go-to-market Support

Plug in existing resources like Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing would help to speed up the

Go-to-Market timeline


Free AWS Credit Support

Up to US$5,000 credit support on Amazon Web Service (AWS). Terms & Conditions

$0 Programe Fee

Free Media Exposure

Provide free exposure in DayDayCook’s social media platforms which valued up

to US$6,500

Business Model 
& Product Validation

Proof of concept through setting early stage

business targets and

testing the market 

Complimentary Online Distribution Channel

Provide free product listing in DayDayCook Online Shop that enable testing the market response directly

Business Tour

Participate to our business tour to visit the reputable factories or corporates in China to have in-depth understanding on the business and operation

$0 Programe Fee


Investment Opportunities

Gain access to a pool of relevant and high-quality investors, click here to know more about our Venture Partners


Access to Business Network

Engage with our existing network to access upstream or downstream partners for collaboration to accelerate business growth, industry visibility and recognition that can lead to business opportunities as well


18 Oct - 12 Nov 2021
Open for Application

6 Dec 2021
Program Start

On-going Follow up 

18 Oct 2021
Program Launch

15 - 30 Nov 2021
Internal Review Process
& Interview

14 Jan 2022
Go Week & Program Complete

Program Overview

Week 1

Set Week

  • Greet and Meet with mentor and other cohort members

  • Intensive Start-up training 

  • Set Startup Business Goals and financial KPIs

Week 2

Produce Preparation

•     Product to market                   preparation

  1. Product Proposition 

  2. Business Strategy

  3. Go-to-market Plan

  • Market Feedback through Focus Group

  • Line up potential clients, vendors and partners 

Week 3

Pitching Preparation

  • Reviewing the pitching materials (Partners / Clients / Investors)

  • Presentation practices

Week 4

GO Week

  • Product Market Testing

  • Line up potential investors  

Business Meeting

Are you Ready?

We are now accepting applications for our first cohort.If you are onto some cool and innovative in the food tech areas, come to Join Us!