Food Donation

Don’t let our precious resources become waste!

It is not surprising and sometimes inevitable that surplus food is a by-product in commercial operations. Instead of compromising, take one more step.


Cooking Class

Food do have its way to line people up especially in festive occasions. 

Cooking with companions is a great way to build relations while food acts as medium for expressions. 


Cooking Class

Living in dormitory marks the start of instant food marathon? That may sound scary but it happens to some university students who are experiencing their first time living outside home. So it’s time for a cooking class tailored for a dormitory life!

Media Partner

of Lohas Expo

LOHAS Expo is the trade expo for global Organic, Health and Green Living products – China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, Philippines, France and USA, etc. with the aim to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle



A kitchen with ingredients, presence of bakery expert – all set for the bakery class!

In-Campus Nutritionist Talk

In Oct 2019, our nutritionist Sofia Lei had hold a nutritional talk to parents in Tin Shui Wai., with AEA. Sofia has shared the tips of making healthy meals for kids. 

In-Campus Color Competition

In Nov 2019, color competition is held across 6 schools in Tin Shui Wai, both to primary and secondary schools. This activity is co-organized with AEA. The recipes form winners will be printed as recipe card and distributed in their campus.

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